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Why use a local locksmith?

August, 2018

Here at First Response Locksmiths we hear stories time and again about people been ripped off by unscrupulous people posing as locksmiths (I refuse point blank to call them locksmiths)

My Trade seems to attract them. We take great pride in our customer service as we often have a unique part to play in what is someone worst day in quite a while. This can be because they’re locked out and they just want to curl up in bed on a cold night or worse still they could have been burgled. That’s why we believe it’s of fundamental importance for locksmiths to not only be good at their job but they should offer customer service at a level that supports and satisfies the client.

Why use a local locksmith

The scammers come in many shapes and forms. There’s an image of an invoice floating around on social media where a customer has been charged over £1400 for a locksmith to get them in and change the lock. There was one a few months ago from a very similar company (there’s speculation it is the same firm) where a lady was charged £700 for a 3-star cylinder.

There’s also been a lot of hype over in Sheffield of late about a bunch of ex police who have been posting leaflets insinuating the police had sent them. They have also been threatened by several organisations after advertising that they were approved by them when they weren’t. There was a story in the Sheffield Star:

Why use a local locksmith

The moral of the story is to choose wisely when looking for a local locksmith. A lot of the time your going to be stressed and in a rush but that’s what these guys are banking on. They expect you to let your guard down. Don’t do it. Follow these five easy steps

  • Look on the Google Local listings (under the maps)
  • When you call try and establish if it’s a call centre. If it is end the call
  • If your asked for card details up front end the call
  • Ensure the person you’re talking to is knowledgeable and not just a call centre worker
  • Once you’re happy agree a price if possible and don’t agree to any add on’s unless they are obviously needed

You could just save yourself the headache and call First Response Locksmiths. We are a local business and have loads of five star reviews to back up our credentials. Stay safe and stay smart the next time you need a locksmith.