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January, 2019

We have some really big news coming up in the month ahead and we thought it was about time we let everyone know.

Since we moved out of our shop in Sheffield last October, we have been waiting to get something closer to home. We have had two potential shops fall through and have been unable to find anything else since.

Anyways last month just before Christmas we saw an ad on a selling group for a unit in Gainsborough. It was perfect so we took it on the spot and have been converting what was just a storage unit before into a new trade counter, van security installation centre, office and World headquarters (we wish)

We have built a pretty big showroom / trade counter with all kinds of features. We are having a big stand built with an LCD monitor showing a range of videos about lock snapping and how to prevent it. We will have a van security display and a high security lock display and much more.

We will also be selling the biggest range of Multipoint locks in Lincolnshire and we will be cutting the biggest range of keys for miles around. We think we will also be the only ABS Elite Centre for about 50 miles as well so we hope we will become a local institution.

One of the biggest advantages over anywhere else we looked at will be the drive-in full height vehicle bay. We will be using this from the start for a nice dry and clean area to fit van locks. We will be offering a massive range of van security from OBD port locks to Slam Locks and Deadlocks. We will also be installing a full range of Arma Plates and door strengthening. Sometime in the next few months we are also aiming to start offering Car Key programming so keep an eye out.

The new place is going to give us loads of space to grow into. We are building a training room, a new office and loads more in the pipe line so keep an eye out for any upcoming news.