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Summer Home Security

Summer Home Security

May, 2018

Now that summer is supposedly on its way and you are out and about more its time to make sure you keep your home secure with our summer home security advice.



The main thing as always is your cylinders as since most of us have double glazed door in some shape or form the cylinder is always the weak point. This can easily be remedied by getting one of our locksmiths round and get some ABS 3 star cylinders fitted and your home is immediately more secure. 3 star cylinders are really becoming a necessity in the high crime rates we are seeing at the moment and here at First Response we believe the best one available is the Avocet ABS and because our sister company Locks and Security is an ABS Elite centre you can be sure to get the best deals.


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So now we get to the things you can d and won’t cost you a penny. It’s all about vigilance and ensuring you don’t leave a soft target for the thieves.

  • Make sure when you’re in the garden maybe having a BBQ make sure the front of your property is secure with any open windows fully restricted.
  • Don’t be tempted to leave your car windows down to keep it cool whilst your not driving. This is a green light to any would be thieves.
  • On the warmer nights make sure any down stairs windows are locked and all gates are closed.
  • If you keep our valuables in the garage, make sure not to leave the door open whilst your cutting the grass.

Its all about been wary and keeping your eye out. In our mind the demise of the Neighbourhood Watch groups has really left a hole in communities and is in some way to blame for the recent surge in burglaries. Keeping an eye out for each other and keeping a tab on strange comings and goings can never be a bad thing

If you are concerned about your summer home security why not get in touch with us today and one of our time served locksmiths will be happy to come out and give your property the once over