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24hr Emergency Locksmith Retford

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Retford

First Response are a family run locksmith business covering Retford and all the surrounding areas day and night.

We started First Response Locksmiths Retford to offer our customers a service that could compete with the overpriced national locksmiths that parade as a local business. Our aim when we first opened was to offer a competitively priced locksmith service in Retford whilst at the same time offer customer services and hardware that is usually the reserve of the B2B companies. We have over the years reached this goal and then surpassed it. In fact judging by our reviews on all the sites every customer that has ever left us a review would recommend us.


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Our Locksmith Retford Services

As well as offering more traditional Locksmith services in Retford our engineers are trained in lots of other areas letting us offer more services to our customers. Between us we can open your Safe, fix your Access system or install your automated system and that’s all on top of the locks, unlocking, hardware replacement and everything else our locksmiths do on a day to day basis around Retford.

Out of everything we do at First Response, Locksmith Retford locks and hardware is by the far the busiest. We repair and upgrade just about every type of locks. From UPVC doors and mechanisms to industrial SureLock Mcgill systems, our locksmiths have a tool and a lock for every occasion. Last year we had to do a stocktake and we reckon we fit on average 4 locks a day over the course of year so you can be certain we will have seen your problem before.

That’s not to say we don’t do our fair share of safes here at First Response Locksmiths Retford. As safes are infinitely more complex than locks they really do take an expert, infact using an untrained locksmith to open a safe can cause far more damage than you can imagine. Our locksmiths are always getting trained on one lock or another and when we aren’t busy you will find us in our workshop honing our skills. We have all the specialist tools we need to ensure that when your safe does have issues we are equipped to fix it, with minimal damage.

It’s all well and good in having the skills and knowledge but if you haven’t got the right locks when you turn up to a job it’s pointless. That’s why here at First Response, Locksmith Retford our locksmiths carry a huge range of stock. From Mortice, Cylinder and UPVC locks to VDS Class 2 Safe locks and Trimec strikes we carry everything we could ever need and because all our stock is of the highest quality unlike a lot of locksmiths who buy their stock from Screwfix and the like we will always upgrade your security whenever we change a lock. Our Locksmiths only fit British Standard Mortice and Cylinder locks however this doesn’t mean we charge more. In fact because our Locksmiths in Retford deal direct with the manufacturers we can charge you less money and still fit a better lock.

Just in case anyone is planning on having a read through the site we thought we best add a few pointers. We have divided the site in 5 sections in the services tab. We have Locksmiths, Access Control, Safes and UPVC these cover just about everything when it comes to the actual services. We have then added different sections which apply to different clients.

The Landlords and contract area covers all the locksmiths services we offer to everyone who is either a property professional such as an agent, landlord or is in property management. This area is also where we will explain what First Response, Locksmith Retford can offer you as a business by helping the process with tenants etc.

The Commercial Section gives a snapshot of what First Response Locksmiths can offer people who have need of a locksmiths for a commercial property in and around Retford. The Residential section is the same but covering Residential Property.

The Business Section created to show how First Response, Locksmiths Retford can help your business in the back office functions and gives details on how unlike most other local businesses we are geared for supporting business and property professionals.

Recent Testimonials

I would definitely use these guys again. Really professional and prompt as well.

Called about an idea of price and Chris came around to have a look to ensure he was accurate. We were happy with the price and the workmanship. Very professional company.

Really professional service. Came out within 30 minutes and got the lock on our UPVC door working.

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Assa Abloy

A Locksmith When You Need One

Here at First Response Locksmiths Retford we are both professional and transparent in the way we operate. We don’t have sneaky hidden charges and we don’t hold you to ransom when you need us. In fact we like to think of ourselves as an honest bunch that holds the customer and our pride near to our hearts. That why we will always give you a price before we start work and we always stick to our price.

Most people go through life never needing a locksmith. However on the one occasion you do First Response, Locksmiths Retford are there to help you along. We know from experience that when you call it’s usually not been a good day for you. That’s why we will always put your feelings first. From the moment we pick up the call and talk you through what we need to do, to ensuring that if we say are half an hour that’s how long we take. As the friendliest locksmith in Retford will always do our very best to ensure it’s all as stress free as possible.

Once we arrive locksmiths will try to keep the process as stress free as humanly possible. We will arrive on time and have a good look at what needs to be done. We will keep you informed about everything before we do anything. Once we have decided on a course of and given you an exact price we can then get on with the job.

Once our locksmiths has completed the job to your complete satisfaction we will clean up and off we go. However we don’t just leave you there because at First Response Locksmith Retford our workmanship is covered by a comprehensive 12 month guarantee, this is on top of any manufacturers warranties you receive.

Fair Locksmith Pricing

Unlike most locksmiths First Response, Locksmiths Retford don’t charge call out charges and we don’t charge fixed costs for anything such as the famous unlocking charge.

What we do is offer a price over the telephone based on your description. If you’re happy with that one of our locksmiths will pop over in the agreed time frame and start your job. The only time this price will ever change is if the lock is out of the ordinary or is a lot more time consuming than what was described over the phone. For example if we are told that the lock is a simple euro cylinder and when we arrive it’s an high security cylinder with PAS24 handles we would obviously have to alter the price as the job has become a lot more time consuming. However this has only ever come up a handful of times and moreover our locksmiths will never ever start the job without your express permission.

We can also keep costs down on materials. As First Response Locksmith Retford do a lot of contract business where we can be changing 20, 30 locks in a day we have built up good relationships with both manufacturers and wholesalers. This allows us to get excellent savings on our materials bill, allowing us to pass on the savings to you.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Retford

As well as offering all our customers a standard daytime service First Response Locksmith Retford also offer a 24/7 service, 7 days a week throughout Retford and when we say we are 24/7 locksmiths we mean it. Our phones are on day and night day in day out all year round.

A good percentage of our business is done after 7pm and at weekends. This is true for both residential and commercial customers. Here at First Response, Locksmiths Retford we are on call for anything and everything from lost keys, break-ins and just about anything else you can think of. And as you already know, none of this costs you anymore than we would charge if you called at 11am on a Wednesday.

As well as all the emergency locksmith "on the day" work we do, First Response Locksmiths Retford offer a list of other services to both home and business customers throughout Retford and the surrounding areas.

Our Worksop locksmiths can be booked for a variety of tasks from lock servicing and lock changes, door mechanism repairs, security upgrades and much much more.

Commercial customers have a different need to residential and agents. Landlords and property professionals have different needs and requirements to them. So we have built a bespoke list of services to suit any and all situations. If you would like to know more or would like to enquire about anything else please get in touch with First Response Locksmiths Retford today and one of our locksmiths will be happy to talk you through any queries you might have.

Security Advice

The issue of security is becoming more and more prevalent in today's world. That’s why here at First Response Locksmith Retford we offer free advice to people throughout Retford. We can send a locksmith around to your home or business and they will go through your security with you step by step and see where if at all it can be improved.

Our locksmiths will always offer you impartial advice that make your property more secure and in some cases save you money on your insurance premiums. If we do see any areas that we believe could be improved we will give you a full written quotation including details of the locks or upgrades we are proposing so you can go away check them out and make an informed decision before proceeding with any work.

So if you’re thinking about making your property more secure get in touch today with First Response Locksmiths and we will give you the best advice, based on years of experience not on our bank balance.

Quality of Materials We Use

At First Response, Locksmiths Retford we have come across some terrible locks that have been fitted over the years. We have seen a night latch on a UPVC door and we have seen sash jammers fitted the wrong way round, we could go on. We tell people time and time again that their UPVC door with all its bolts and mechanism is only as secure as the cheapest cylinder from B&Q that they put the key in every day.

That’s why here at First Response Locksmith Retford our locksmiths will only ever fit the highest quality hardware. This applies to cylinders, Mortice locks, secondary products and everything else. The reasons for this are twofold:

  1. If we fitted low quality cheap locks we could not sleep at night, knowing your home or business was not secure. We stills see way too many so called professional UPVC companies fitting doors with bog standard off the shelf cylinders in them.
    After all the hoo haa on the TV over this we were hoping this would change but it hasn’t. In life cheap doesn’t always equal bad, but in the world of a locksmith it does. We will only ever fit the best available hardware available. We will never compromise on the quality of the products we fit, even if that means us missing out on business.
  2. By only fitting the highest quality hardware, in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines our locksmiths save on call backs for problems. We very rarely have to revisit our work, if ever. This is due to the fact that everything is of the highest quality ( we also like to think our workmanship plays a small part as well)

Reliability counts

Here at First Response Locksmith Retford not only do we like reliable hardware we like to be reliable ourselves. One thing we hear a lot is people complaining about calling a locksmith and have then been standing around waiting for them.

We have taken this on board. When you call us be this 2am or 2pm we will give you an estimated time of arrival. We work this out by using a programme on our tablets that takes into account traffic and diversions etc. We will then double check this with the sat nav. This means that if we say 30 minutes our locksmith will be with you within 30 minutes. Not an hour.

We are so confident with this we offer a guarantee, that if we aren’t with you within the agreed time frame we will work for free. So that means you will only pay for the lock and not the locksmith.

So if you need a locksmith and want to be sure that who you call turns up get in touch with First Response Locksmith Retford today.

A little about the locksmiths we keep talking about

Here’s a little fact I bet you didn’t know. In the UK there is no formal locksmith qualification. Here’s another, in the UK there is no mandatory body regulating locksmiths.

This is a little shocking to some people, considering the skills and tools a locksmith has access to, I am one of these people.

In fact there are 5 day courses up and down the country where anyone can go along and learn the basics of what a locksmith does. This is not too good as these folk can then just go out and start their own business. They cannot possible have built up all the skills they need in 5 days. I’ve been at it for 14 years and I haven’t.

The only people that suffer are you and them. You as it’s your locks or door or window or that gets damaged when all you wanted was a new lock. Them because they have spent thousands on the course and even more on the tools as they have been told that they can do a short course then make a living, they can’t and they won’t.

Here at First Response Locksmiths Retford we worked in the family business from an early age. We were always at work helping any way we could. So there was a pretty obvious career choice when we left school and off to work we went.

Locksmithing is one of those jobs where it is constantly evolving, from new locks coming on to the market to new tools being designed to open them. You must always keep learning or you will be left behind. That’s why here at First Response Locksmiths Retford we invest in ourselves by constant training and invest in equipment and tools. This ensures that our locksmiths are always ahead of the curve and we are always up to speed.

So we hope you have found what you were looking for and if you haven’t please feel free to contact us where one of our time served expert locksmiths will be happy to go through the options with you.

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