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24hr Access Control Locksmith

Access Control

Here at First Response we have a dedicated team who specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of access control systems. We keep a track of all the latest products available and keep a large stock. We also stock parts for a huge range of products new and old, so when they do go wrong we can usually fix the issues and extend the life of your product.

Our engineers can take care of every aspect of your installation, from coming out and giving you solid advice based on your needs to designing the system for you to ensure you get the maximum security and the best value for money.

We also offer our clients a dedicated planned maintenance service to ensure that your system, whatever the age is kept in good working order and is kept secure. The last thing you want is your mag locks failing or a fail secure system going down and disrupting the work place.

For the times when something does go wrong we also offer an emergency repair service to ensure that the disruption is minimal and your security isn’t compromised. Because we stock such a large range of products and parts we can fix any issues on the first visit in 85% of the time and even if we haven’t got the right part we guarantee to never leave your property unsecured.

Here at First Response we can

  • Design and install any access system from a single door to an entire building
  • Maintain and extend the life of your current system
  • On-site in as little as an hour when your existing systems fail
  • Wireless systems for multiple doors
  • Single door battery systems and Net2 systems designed and installed

So if you have any questions around our services please feel free to get in touch.

Recent Testimonials

I would definitely use these guys again. Really professional and prompt as well.

Excellent. Quoted worst case scenario - came in way less. Diagnosed fault, helped in battle with supplier, made it all work.

Adams Rite

Access Control FAQ's

What is Access Control?

Access Control is the term related to any electronic access system as well as some mechanical systems. There are numerous systems, some of the most popular are, magnetic locks, fob systems and keypad entry systems.

Is it as secure as traditional security?

The answer would have to be a no. Some of the higher end systems are quite secure but still lag way behind mechanical locks.

Why use it if it isn’t as secure?

That would be convenience. Imagine having a door lock on the office and having a thousand keys cut.

What happens if the electric goes off?

Most systems come in two variants, fail safe and fail secure. Fail safe means that if the power supply is disrupted to the system the lock is deactivated. These systems are used on potential fire escapes and areas where security doesn’t need to be as tight. Fail secure means that if the power is disrupted the lock engages and the only way to release it is reinstate the power and use it via whatever entry method is fitted i.e. fob or keypad.

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