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24hr Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmiths

Here at First Response Locksmiths we understand businesses and how important it is to be efficient and cost effective. That’s why we believe First Response Locksmiths are the only choice when it comes to needing a locksmith for your business.

Now when it comes to commercial premises the world of locks and security is whole lot more complex and varied. The amount of products that are on the market and ones that aren’t available anymore but are still in operation is vast.

Take for example a business centre that we look after that is in an old chapel. Just on the front door there are five locks, which are a mix of old and new. You then go into the lobby and there are a further two, a deadlock and a combination lock. That’s before you go office to office and see that over the years the doors and windows have had such varied hardware fitted that nothing is the same. On top of this we have just fitted a brand-new biometric entry system on the bottom entrance, so in our estimation there are roughly twenty six different locks on the doors and the windows, and that’s before you think about closers, hinges, fire escape locks, post box cam locks and anything else you throw in. Our point is it’s a different ball game to residential. For that reason, one of our locksmiths just works on the commercial side.

With the systems and hardware been so varied it makes carrying suitable stock more difficult. However here at First Response Locksmiths we still complete in excess of 98% of jobs on the first visit or on the same day. The last thing we want to do is have to come back. It costs the customer more as well as tying us up when we could be somewhere else.

As with residential property we keep up to date with all the latest hardware and we always know what the best solution for your property is. First Response Locksmiths also stock all the latest products as well as stocking parts and complete locks for replacement of older hardware.

  • Emergency non-destructive entry
  • Locks changed and upgraded
  • Locks and hardware repaired and serviced
  • Closers and hardware fitted, serviced and repaired
  • Shutters repaired and serviced
  • Aluminium doors and windows repaired and serviced
  • Biometric entry systems installed and repaired
  • Locks "keyed alike"
  • Safes repaired and upgraded
  • Access control

Recent Testimonials

I would definitely use these guys again. Really professional and prompt as well.

Called about an idea of price and Chris came around to have a look to ensure he was accurate. We were happy with the price and the workmanship. Very professional company.

Excellent, very professional. I felt reassured that they would fix the problem which they did.

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Assa Abloy

Non-destructive entry

As the name suggests we are talking about gaining entry without causing any damage. Our commercial locksmiths are kitted out with almost every tool that’s been made so we can open almost any lock without damaging the locks.

Situations come about when people lose keys or the lock gets damaged, such as the key been snapped in the lock. One of our locksmiths will visit the property and assess what the problem is. We can then advise what needs to be done. We are very rarely if ever unable to open the door. We can pick the lock, freeze it, jiggle it or decode it.

If you have lost the keys and we can use one the decoders we carry, we can then cut you a key from our impression so you can save money by not having to change the lock.

If all else fails and we can’t open the lock in the preferred method we also carry various tools that let us remove the lock with the door still locked without damaging the door.

So if you are locked out and need to get in, in a rush give First Response Locksmiths a call today.

Locks changed & upgraded

From time to time locks are beyond repair or you may want to upgrade the security of your premises. In these situations First Response Locksmiths can visit your property at a time that suits you best and give your security the once over and advise you of the best solutions for your needs.

We are up to date on the latest products and hardware available so you can be sure that anything we recommend is the most suitable for your needs.

If you are happy with our recommendations our commercial locksmiths can carry out the work at a time that suits you. What’s more, because we have buying power and good contacts on a lot of occasions we can supply and fit the locks or hardware we recommend at a price that’s better than what you could buy the locks for.

Locks & hardware repaired and serviced

As we have already pointed out a lot of the hardware on commercial premises is not made any more or has become really hard to source parts for. However all is not lost. We can usually find the parts you need to keep your trusty lock up and running. The thing with locks that’s not true in many other places is that new is not always better. A lot of the old products are a damn site better than their modern equivalent. That said if we think your security is at risk due to out of date hardware we will let you know.

Here at First Response Locksmiths we can also service most makes and models of locks and hardware so they are running as good as the day they were fitted, extending the life and effectiveness of the product.

Closers, hinges and other hardware

Here at First Response Locksmiths we don’t just work with locks. We also service, install, repair and upgrade a range of other hardware.

Our locksmiths can repair or replace just about anything that’s attached to a window or a door, as well as shutters, garage doors and much, much more. We can source parts for most makes and models of 99% of applications.

A good example was last week. We were called to a well-known German retailer’s local branch as the security door that separates the shop from the staff area wouldn’t close on its own. A locksmith had been out the week before and tried to adjust the closer and over tightened the latching mechanism and sheared the bolt. We soon found the fault and we couldn’t find a make or model anywhere on the closer, however we did know of the brand the closer seemed to be based on. We called our suppliers and were told a replacement would be over £900 (we now know why they had a copy fitted in the first place). Our German friends were not happy with the price so we completely dismantled the closer and removed the offending part. Now because we didn’t know who had made the closer we couldn’t get the part. So we took the bolt to a local engineering firm who in the space of an hour and half made us one. Total cost including labour £160.

The point I’m trying to make is that just because we are called locksmiths doesn’t mean we only work on locks. So if you have anything that you want us to look at please get in touch with First Response Locksmiths today.

Aluminium shopfronts and doors

As commercial locksmiths we regularly come across problems with aluminium systems. We see lots of issues with doors not working, locks not locking, windows jamming and just about anything else you can think of. Since we are regularly working on aluminium we carry a host of parts that suit most systems. Locks are one point where people often come unstuck, mainly because the fabricators fit just about anything they can lay there hands on.

The main problem with aluminium products is that anyone with the right know how can start a business making and selling shop fronts. This is not a dig at people’s workmanship as most times its spot on. The problems come from the fact that there are no uniform systems. Meaning that when the hardware starts to fail you will really struggle to find products to fit into what you have. Unlike wood you can’t easily extend a rebate or move a locks.

That’s why here at First Response Locksmiths have invested in specialist tools and we carry lots of stock so when you call we can help and without mincing your door or your bank account.

Biometric, fob and combination systems repairs and installations

First Response Locksmiths now stock and install a full range of biometric locks. These can range from a single door lock to a multi door system covering your entire building. There are several plus points versus the mechanical system. The biggest plus point been you can add and remove people at the flick of a switch meaning no one can gain entry unless you want them to.

We also install and repair combination locks and fob systems. We carry a large stock of parts that means we can usually repair any problems on the first visit. After all the last thing you want is your offices open all night.

Only the highest quality locks and hardware used

As commercial locksmiths we are only as good as the hardware we fit as it’s the locks that are being used day in day out, that’s why we will only use the very best hardware available that’s suitable for your job.

With locks we will always stick to three or four brands where we can, with UPVC for example we exclusively fit the Bristant range of locks. These in our opinion are the best locks on the market. They are the most secure on the market (a fact as assessed by various trade bodies) and unlike some other high spec locks on the market they are reliable. This is due mainly to the fact they are designed to be user friendly and with minimum parts that can break.

With mortice locks we always try and fit Chubb wherever possible. This is due to a few things:

  1. They will fit where almost all previous locks have been
  2. They are among the most secure on the market
  3. They are the most reliable lock on the market

With general hardware we sometimes have to replace like for like, say on a UPVC door or a door closer. When we don’t we like to stick with reliable, robust systems.

That said we always keep in mind that it’s got to be cost effective to you and us. We have built up a network of contacts and outlets so that whatever it is we fit we will always get you the best deal available.

Thank you for taking the time to read our commercial locksmith page. if we haven’t covered something you are looking for please feel free to get in touch and one of our locksmith with be happy to advise you on the best systems available for your situation.


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