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Door & Window Repair Services

Door & Window Repair Services

Here at First Response we offer a full door and window repair service that’s based on many years of experience. We can repair, upgrade or just spruce up all your doors or windows.

From a sticky mechanism to dented UPVC we can help.

We split our services up into three areas Timber, UPVC and Garage Doors.

Doors & Windows

Garage Doors


Upvc is by far and away the most popular material for windows and doors in the UK. Most people think that when it starts to look tired they should just change it as it can’t be fixed. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Just about anything can be fixed on UPVC windows and doors. From faded or discolored plastic to broken hinges and mechanisms, you can even change the panel to give your door a completely new look. It really is a versatile material.

  • Locks and hardware repaired and Upgraded
  • Chips, dents and scratches removed
  • Secure By Design products fitted
  • Colour issues repaired
  • Glass and glazing issues repaired
  • Sealing and draught issues repaired
  • Energy efficiency increased
  • New Door panels and hardware fitted
  • Security Improved

Recent Testimonials

I would definitely use these guys again. Really professional and prompt as well.

Excellent. Quoted worst case scenario - came in way less. Diagnosed fault, helped in battle with supplier, made it all work.

Called about an idea of price and Chris came around to have a look to ensure he was accurate. We were happy with the price and the workmanship. Very professional company.


Timber has been used for windows and doors for eons and things aren’t that popular if they aren’t any good. Timber is strong, versatile and beautiful and will last a lifetime if its looked after right.

Timber windows and doors these days are as energy efficient as any other material but they are also the most expensive type of doors and windows so it makes sense to repair rather than replace.

We can take care of everything from hardware and lock upgrades and repairs to complete refurbishment and rot repair.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are one of the weak spots when it comes to security. Most people with integral garages never lock the door into the house meaning that once in the garage its easy access to your house. That’s why we offer a range of security upgrades to garage doors as well as repairs to the doors and the mechanisms.

So have a look around the dedicated section we have built and if you aren’t sure what the problem is or you would like some more info feel free to get in touch day or night.

UPVC Repairs

Windows & door repairs & maintenance

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Wooden Repairs

Lock repair to full refurbishment

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Lock Repairs

Door & window lock repair

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