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Landlord & Agent Locksmith Services

Landlords & Agents

Here at First Response Locksmiths we understand the trials and tribulations of running a business day to day. And furthermore as landlords ourselves we are acutely aware how difficult it can be keep margins healthy and tenants happy. That’s why we have tailored our services to suit the market.

We won’t go in to the services individually that First Response offer as we have done that on the residential and commercial pages. What we would like to do is explain how we believe we can benefit your organisation.

If you are a solicitor, eviction specialist, or would like us to work warrants with your teams we can also offer a bespoke service to suit your needs. We offer various solutions suited to the specific needs of these types of operations. If you would like to know more about what we offer please read on.

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Excellent. Quoted worst case scenario - came in way less. Diagnosed fault, helped in battle with supplier, made it all work.

Quick response and reliable. Great service. Good experience.

Why use a locksmith unless you’re locked out?

A lot of the time we see agents and landlords using their builders to try and fix and repair doors, locks and hardware. This can get messy, don’t get us wrong we know that this can work out, however there are a few things we would like to point out that don’t always get touched on.

Firstly a builder will fit any old lock they can get, and not usually fit it right. We don’t just fit any lock. We fit the best locks that are available, because this is what we do day in day out we know what’s out there and we have buying power. So for the same price as a standard cylinder in B&Q, our locksmiths can get you an all singing dancing lock with restricted keys that’s insurance approved and cover half of the fitting fee.

There are a lot of occasions where you didn’t need a new lock it’s just the builder didn’t realise what was wrong so just changed the lot. We are experts and on a lot of occasions we can fix the problem saving you money and the hassle of having to get new keys out to tenants, agents and whoever else needs them.

As well as the obvious situations First Response Locksmiths can also save you time, money and hassle by been able to offer repairs and servicing to products you already have, rather than changing them. A good example is dented UPVC. Let’s say a tenant hit the front door when they were moving out. Now the doors got a big dent in it. Rather than change it we can come out and remove any dent. As long as the door isn’t cracked we can repair it. Bent hinges, we can change them. Pitted handles, we can repair or upgrade them.

Our locksmiths can and will save you money on just about anything door or window related. Another good example. A customer had a builder out to change a window, while he was there he gave them a quote for new handles and lock mechanism on the back door. The quote was for £260. This was for standard handles and an after-market lock. We did the job for £160. However this included PAS24 handles and a top of the range multi point lock.

Not only did the agent save money they also have a more secure property.

So a First Response Locksmith can save you time, money and stress as well as secure and improve your property. Another benefit of using First Response is because we fit superior products correctly, on a lot of occasion your insurance premiums will come down, especially on commercial premises.

We are so confident in the products we fit not only do we offer a standard 12 month warranty backed by the manufacturer we increase this to two years on both the parts and labour.

So the next time there’s a problem with one of your windows and doors, or anything lock or hardware related give First Response Locksmiths a call and see if we can help. We will not just save you money we will save you stress.

Out of hours services for tenants

Several of our regular clients offer all their tenants an out of hour’s service provided by us. What this does is two things.

If the tenant locks themselves out or has another problem where they can’t wait until morning it lessens the chances that they will try to break in themselves, causing more damage to deal with. We let the agents pass our number to tenants so they call us direct. We strive to be there within 30 minutes and almost always gain entry without causing any issues.

We can then charge the tenant a reduced fee, payable via the agent or via invoice. This really does make tenants think twice about trying to open the door themselves as they know they can pay the locksmiths at a later date.

We can supply door stickers to be stuck in a place that’s visible if you’re locked out so the tenants can always find our number. This can also be a useful service if the property is empty and is broken into. And because we have built trusted relationships with our clients they know that we won’t over charge them in the event of a call out when they are liable.

Evictions and Warrants

One of the more un-pleasant sides of our jobs is warrants and evictions. They aren’t nice for anyone, most of all the property owner who has to foot the bill.

There are a multitude of reasons for people been evicted. Recently there has been a spike in people who simply refuse to pay their debts. This seems to be quite a modern phenomenon.

When the day of eviction comes owners and agents alike have racked up many hours of stress and worry and considerable expense First Response Locksmiths will be there to try and ease the pain a little. Although we play a minor part in the process we try to offer a service that makes it all a little bit easier. We offer all-inclusive packages which include all labour and hardware, this ensures you know what the end bill is before we even start. We believe this makes the day a little bit smoother. Rather than turning up and charging an hourly rate with materials on top we offer packages based on the property.

First Response Locksmiths also offer our services on the enforcement of warrants. These kind of jobs require a specialist service as the last thing anyone wants is to return with the keys as the locks have had to be changed.

As we carry a range of decoders, picks and specialist tools we can ensure that we will be able to unlock the property with a minimum of fuss and without damaging the locks, meaning you can gain entry do what needs to be done and be on your way as quick as humanly possible.

If you would like to know more about any of the services we offer to property professionals and landlords please get in touch and one of our locksmiths will be happy to go through what we can offer in more detail.

Thanks the First Response team.


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