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24hr Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmiths

Here at First Response Locksmiths around 50% of the jobs we visit are residential, around 70% of these are for standalone residential customers. Over the years we have built a reputation based on the quality of our workmanship and the fact that our pricing is fair, in fact we cost at least 50% less than the national companies operating in this area.

Our residential locksmiths offer a wide range of services to suit every home and every situation. We offer 24/7 cover to homes throughout the region and we believe that we are the turnkey (excuse the pun) solution to the areas locksmith needs.

  • Emergency non-destructive entry
  • Master key solutions to homeowners
  • Secondary security products supplied and fitted
  • Locks Changed and upgraded
  • Break in remedial work
  • UPVC mechanisms repaired and replaced
  • Locks repaired and serviced
  • Key safes supplied and fitted
  • Garage door locks repaired and replaced
  • Security grilles supplied and fitted
  • Emergency lock changes
  • Home move lock swaps

Recent Testimonials

Fantastic, friendly service. Would highly recommend this guy. Responded within minutes to my broken front door lock. Job done quickly and efficiently. Absolute life saver!!! Very good price as well. Thank you.

I would definitely use these guys again. Really professional and prompt as well.

Brisant Ultion Locks

Non-destructive entry

The single most popular service we offer to residential customers is emergency locksmith solutions. People think this is just picking locks and drilling doors but this is just a part of what we offer. First Response Locksmiths can open jammed doors, repair dented UPVC and repair doors and windows after break ins. We carry everything we could ever need including an array of overnight locks so on the rare occasion we don’t have the right gearbox for your UPVC or composite door we will always leave your home safe and secure.

However every now and then our residential locksmiths in come across a door that we just can’t open in the more lock friendly manners we like. On these occasions our locksmiths carry equipment that can remove locks whilst the doors is locked without causing any damage to the door or handles.

Here at First Response Locksmiths we get calls from people who are locked in as well as locked out, with some of the more modern locks there is so many parts that can fail that sometimes people try to leave the house in the morning and find they are locked in. In these cases our residential locksmiths can usually get the lock working again without any damage and with you not too late to work.

Our locksmiths have recently visited a lot of homes that have been “super glued” this is an easy fix that usually only takes ten minutes to fix. This seems to be becoming quite a popular pass time to some local kids of late and it’s something that you should always call a locksmith for as if you do try and fix it yourself you can end up causing more harm than the glue ever did.

Non Urgent lock changes, Upgrades and servicing

Here at First Response Locksmiths not only do we offer emergency services for the times when our customers are desperate, we offer services that can be scheduled in, this can work out considerably cheaper as well.

Our locksmiths do a lot of upgrades on the locks on UPVC doors, this is most probably down to the negative press they have received of late. We offer the absolute pinnacle of lock design to all our customers and at a price that is not much more than you would pay for a cheap unsecure cylinder from a well-known DIY shop.

On top of the cylinder swaps we offer our locksmiths will change any other locks you might have. Everything from rim cylinders, mortice locks, deadlocks, interior locks, window locks and just about anything else that has a key or works on hinges and as we carry most everything with us, in all the sizes and colours of the rainbow we can ensure you get the right lock so the making good is non-existent. We also have excellent relationships with the major manufacturers and wholesalers so we can pretty much guarantee you won’t get better value for money anywhere else.

Secondary Security Products Supplied and Fitted

Here at First Response Locksmiths we carry a wide selection of secondary security products alongside all the locks we use daily. This description covers everything that helps secure your home without been a lock as such. We have sash jammers, door bolts, door chains, window restrictors, spyholes, door closers, thumb bolts and lots more.

We also do a roaring trade in key safes. It seems that more and more people are fitting key safes. This is usually for older people who have care at home. The safe, which we fit to the outside of the house is used so that nurses, carers and the like can get access when they visit. The safes we supply are the most secure on the market so you can be sure that your keys and your home is safe and secure.

So if you need anything like this get in touch with First Response Locksmiths today and one of our locksmiths can advise you what you can use.

New House lock swaps

One of our most popular services is to change the locks for people who have just moved into their new home.

This is something that we recommend you do on the first day of moving into your new home. You just don’t know who has the keys to your house from the old owner’s ex-husband to their son’s friends. You simply have no way of knowing who. So the best thing you can do is change every lock in the house. Better safe than sorry.

Locks Repaired and Serviced

As well as all the all the standard residential locksmith services we offer First Response Locksmiths also offer more unusual services such as antique and obsolete lock repairs and replacement. We have built a contact base up over the years that specialise in supplying obsolete locks and parts. This allows our locksmiths to be able to replace locks that no one else can.

Now this might seem a pointless exercise to some people as they think you can just upgrade what they have. However this isn’t always the case. Some doors and some people won’t take new locks as they want or need to stick with what they have for a multitude of reasons.

Break in remedial work

Having a break-in is one of the worst things that can ever happen. The last thing you want is reminding every time you walk up to the front door that’s covered in dents and scrapes. As well as changing the locks and adding security products our First Response Locksmiths can make all take all the dents out of your windows and doors, get rid of pry marks and scuffs and generally eradicate the reminder of what happened.

Multi-point locks replaced and repaired

As well as changing the locks on your UPVC or composite doors and windows First Response Locksmiths can also repair and replace the mechanisms and hinges.

Our residential locksmiths can change the gearboxes, the mechanisms, hinges and anything else that can give you problems, if it’s not working properly. If you want to know more on this check out our UPVC section.

Only the highest quality locks and hardware used

As locksmiths we are only as good as the hardware we fit as it’s the locks that are been used day in day out, we just fit them. That’s why our locksmiths will only use the very best hardware available that’s suitable for your job.

With locks we will always stick to three or four brands where we can, with UPVC for example we exclusively fit the Bristant range of locks. These in our opinion are the best locks on the market. They are the most secure on the market (a fact as assessed by various trade bodies) and unlike some other high spec locks on the market they are reliable. This is due mainly to the fact they are designed to be user friendly and with minimum parts that can break.

With mortice locks we always try and fit Chubb wherever possible. This is due to a few things:

  1. They will fit where almost all previous locks have been
  2. They are among the most secure on the market
  3. They are the most reliable lock on the market

With general hardware we sometimes have to replace like for like, say on a UPVC door or a door closer. When we don’t we like to stick with reliable, robust systems.

That said we always keep in mind that it’s got to be cost effective to you and us. We have built up a network of contacts and outlets so that whatever it is we fit we will always get you the best deal available.

First Response Locksmiths do all this and more so if you need a locksmith get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

So thank you for taking the time to read of residential locksmith page. If you are looking for something we haven’t covered please get in touch, one of our locksmith will be happy to give you some unbiased advice.

Furthermore if you are worried about an aspect of your security systems or locks and would like a free unbiased appraisal give us a call.

One of our residential locksmiths will visit you at home and go round your home with you and look at anything that you like. We will then offer you any suggestion we may have. These can range from new locks, services or nothing. One point we always make to our clients is that all our advice is based on your needs not ours. We will never recommend new products unless what you have is either a liability or beyond repair.

As we value been a part of the local community we like to give a little something back, that’s why we offer any OAP’s or disabled people free labour on any work we carry out in the day. So we will only charge parts. This only applies to planned work not emergency. However on emergency work we will still offer a 50% discount.

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