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The security of your home or business is sometimes one of the things that gets over looked. Whether its old or faulty locks or damaged hinges and handles, we all let things get in the way of repairing them.

As well as overlooking what we know needs repairing a lot of the time we don’t even realise that our security is at risk.

That’s why here at First Response Locksmiths we offer anyone and everyone free unbiased security advice. This can range from giving us a call if something’s worrying you to us visiting you and giving your property a full in depth security check. This is usually us visiting you at home or work and having a good nosey at your hardware and locks. We will always offer you unbiased advice and we will never try to sell you anything. We love been part of the local community and there’s nothing better that giving something back so whenever we can help someone we will.

On top of this we always available at the end of a phone if you ever feel worried or just want some good advice.

With that in mind we thought we would list a few of the more practical tips we give people on a day to day basis.

Make sure your locks are the most secure that’s available.

Now this might seem obvious but there are estimates out there that as few as 40% of homes have locks that are fit for purpose. With UPVC that number can be almost 50%. This is one area that we would highly recommend getting a locksmith out for. If for nothing else you will get peace of mind.

The only other people who know if a lock is any good are usually burglars so feel free to get in touch with First Response Locksmiths if you have any concerns at all.

Keep your home well lit

When a burglar is looking for a house to break in to they will almost always look at the properties with little or no exterior lighting. The last thing they want is to be out in the light while they try to break in. This isn’t good for their future prospects as it will usually lead to them been caught.

Look after your locks and they will look after you

Now a lot of locksmiths will tell you that you need a locksmith to service and maintain your locks. This isn’t true in a lot of cases. By keeping your locks well lubricated and ensuring your keys are clean and free from debris you can save yourself the head ache of having to call a locksmith when the lock stops working. This can also be applied to other hardware such as hinges, window and door handles and everything else that you use on a daily basis.

Always leave a spare key with someone you trust

One of the most stressful experiences you can go through is losing your keys. After you have finished pulling your hair out looking for them you will realise you need to get in your property.

This is the time you will have to start calling around for a locksmith. Now, believe it or not most of them don’t like coming out unless its 8-5 in the day (bit weird but true) obviously if you call First Response Locksmiths we will be there as soon as we can (I had to get it in).

So the locksmith will get there and open your door but usually you will want your locks changing as you simply won’t be able to find a key. Then you have to get the new keys to everyone who needs one, you get the picture it’s just one big headache.

If you leave a key with a neighbour or friend you trust you can save a lot of the head ache. It is one of the simple things that no one ever thinks about but its one idea that can really help you out in the event of you losing your keys.

So there you go, a few bits of advice to help you out. If we haven’t covered something or you want some advice that’s not so general please feel free to get in touch, day or night and we will be happy to help.


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