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Wooden Door & Window Repair Services

Wooden Door & Window Repair Services

There are a lot of companies out there who repair UPVC but not too many that repair wooden doors and windows. One of our guys used to work for a company that specialized in repairing windows and doors on Listed buildings and that’s how we came to offer a wooden repair service.

It’s a whole different ball game to UPVC as there are a lot more factors at play and there isn’t an adjustment in the doors or the windows via hinges etc so any adjustments have to be made in other ways.

We can take care of everything from a quick lock repair to a full refurbishment. One of the major differences between wooden and just about everything else is that if looked after it can and will last a lifetime.


We can repair or replace just about anything on your wooden windows or doors. We carry a huge range of hinges, locks and furniture as well as more that 15 types of secondary window locks because what works on a sliding sash won’t work on a casement.

  • Traditional, modern and contemporary furniture
  • Range of traditional and more modern locks and security products
  • Range of multipoint systems
  • Lots of secondary security products available
  • Access to every type of hardware new and old available

Recent Testimonials

Excellent. Quoted worst case scenario - came in way less. Diagnosed fault, helped in battle with supplier, made it all work.

Called about an idea of price and Chris came around to have a look to ensure he was accurate. We were happy with the price and the workmanship. Very professional company.

Frames and Doors

We can offer repairs and upgrades that other companies can’t because we have the experience to get it done in a professional manner.

We can repair cracked and rotted frames, straighten bowed doors and casements fill and refinish where you removed old locks or hardware. On top of all the repairs we also offer a full refurbishment service so that when its just a case of you being sick of your dated, tired looking door we can bring it back to life with a completely new look.

Listed & Traditional Buildings

When you live in a older house its usually a case that your windows let in more draughts than they keep out. We can help. We can install discreet draught excluders, Extra thin sealed units that are filled with a Krypton gas mix to increase the energy efficiency and help keep you warm.

We can supply a range of cold rolled steel and cast iron furniture that is more secure than anything available on the high street, we can supply multipoint door locks that work from a traditional mortice lock, the list is endless and with more products coming out year after year its only getting better.

So if you have timber windows and need some advice on what we can offer get in touch today

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